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Partner Firms


"They quickly understood the complexity of our business model and our accounting needs. We finally found an accounting firm that could talk to us in our language."

- Richa Gaddam, Vice President, Markandeya Corporation

"Our companies are in a strategic partnership which has been mutually beneficial. I have worked with Refund Plan for over a year and they have been instrumental in helping me provide valuable advice and reliable accounting services for my business clients. They added value at every stage of the process and helped me think through the issues of building an effective and cohesive team. Building the team is a CEOs most important job and clearly one of the most difficult. But as any CEO of a start-up company knows there are a multitude issues that need to be managed. I never had to worry about Refund Plan ability to meeting their deliverables. That made a major impact on my ability to do my job effectively and I am very pleased with the team we have built."

- Ram Agarwal, CEO, Rams Fast Tax Service, Inc.

"While working with Refund Plan, I never feel as if I am dealing with just another accountant. They operate as a part of our business and provided valuable feedback on how I could make life easier for myself. With Refund Plan, I feel like I can concentrate on running my business again, knowing that my accounting needs are taken care of."

- Saeed Malik, Owner, America's Beautiful Florist

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